Managing Pixeebot Activity with the New User Dashboard

Meet the New and Improved User Dashboard

We are excited to share some major enhancements we have made to the User Dashboard. We have overhauled this surface to better reflect Pixeebot’s activity across all of your repositories, and make managing Pixeebot issues even more efficient.

Graphical dashboard displaying Pixeebot performance over the last 30 days, including average merge rate, merged fixes, hours saved, pull requests hardened, code hit, and analyses run.

Use this dashboard to gain insights into the types of issues that are found, the rate at which fixes are being merged, and the available fixes that Pixeebot has queued up for you. These changes were made as part of a larger effort to take the pain out of vulnerability remediation, and streamline the process of improving the security, quality, and performance of your code.

How to Access the User Dashboard

To access the User Dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Select 'Sign In.'

  3. Enter your GitHub login credentials.

All Pixeebot Activity in a Single Location

Use this dashboard as your source of truth for Pixeebot’s activity across all of your repositories. In addition to the added organization and repository counts, new filters at the top of the dashboard give you the ability to display performance insights by week or by month, on the organization and repository level.

New activity metrics give you multiple touchpoints to measure Pixeebot’s work:

  • Average merge rate - The number of Pixeebot pull requests that have been merged, divided by the total number of Pixeebot pull requests

  • Merged fixes - The number of Pixeebot pull requests that have been merged.

  • Hours saved - Based on an estimated average of approximately 3 hours saved per Pixeebot pull request

  • PRs hardened - The number of pull requests submitted by you or a member of your team that Pixeebot identified improvements for.

  • Codemods hit - The codemods that handled the code transformations included in Pixeebot’s pull requests.

  • Analyses run - The number of repository analyses completed by Pixeebot. This includes continuous improvement runs, PR analyses, and manual Pixeebot summons.

Detailed Issue Summary

The Issue Summary section is now separated into three tables:

  • Open - A list of open Pixeebot issues.

  • Available - A list of Pixeebot fixed queued for your repositories. The issues in this list are the same issues given in the ‘Available’ list on the Pixeebot Activity Dashboard found on GitHub.

  • Completed - A list of Pixeebot issues that have been merged or closed.

Interactive Chart to Visualize Pixeebot's Fixes

The chart on the dashboard allows you to further drill into Pixeebot’s fixes, filtering by week or month. Use this to reference the dates of analyses, and hover over any date to see the number of fixes merged, and PRs opened and closed. This view gives you Pixeebot’s activity at a glance, making tracking the progress of issue remediation easier than ever.

Graphical dashboard displaying repository detailed performance metrics for an analysis run on 3/18, included PRs closed, PRs opened, and fixes merged.

What's Next

These changes to the user dashboard are just the beginning, with work on additional enhancements underway. Upcoming improvements include increased interactivity, and expanded views for better management of Pixeebot installations and issues.