Pixee announced winner of the 2023 Santander X Global Challenge

Pixee announced winner of the 2023 Santander X Global Challenge

Pixee is leading the way in innovating cyber security

We’re excited to announce that Pixee was selected as a winner in the startup category of the 2023 Santander X Global Challenge.

The Santander X challenge, promoted in partnership with Oxentia Foundation, aimed to support innovative solutions to cybersecurity demands. It was open to startups and scale-ups across 11 countries and received over 300 applicants. The winners were announced at this year's Web Summit conference in Lisbon, and our CEO Surag Patel was there to accept our award.

Winners of the 2023 Santander X Global Challenge accepted their awards at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon

Reflecting on the win, Surag shared, "We're working hard to give developers a tool that easily makes their code more secure and performant, which is why we are so honored to be recognized as a disruptive and innovative solution in the cybersecurity space. It’s always encouraging when a bank with the vision and scale of Santander validates the problem and Pixee approach to the solution being a positive disruption to the status quo."

Pixee’s mission is to make all code high quality; Pixeebot makes this a reality. Pixeebot cuts through the noise created by traditional security tools, making it easy for teams to integrate security best practices into every stage of their development cycles.

Organizations need to consistently ship secure code, and developers need security tools they love using. Pixeebot elevates developer experience by seamlessly integrating into their workflows, and working in tandem with the security scanners their teams are already using.

Existing security tools start and stop at finding and reporting potential vulnerabilities. We set ourselves apart by going further. We fix the problems we find by delivering descriptive, merge-ready pull requests that developers can review and approve at their own pace, without disruption.