Pixee wins 2024 DEVIES  Best Innovation in AppSecOps award

Pixee wins 2024 DEVIES Best Innovation in AppSecOps award

Pixee is leading the way with developer tools that help improve application security

We’re thrilled to announce that Pixee has won the 2024 DeveloperWeek DEVIES award for Best in Innovation in AppSecOpps.

The DEVIES Awards are the world's largest developer and engineering technology awards recognizing outstanding design, engineering, and innovation in developer and engineering technology.

Pixee's mission is to make all code high-quality by giving developers tools that automate vulnerability remediation and code hardening. A mission like this requires innovative and unique solutions, so being recognized as an innovator in tools that help secure applications and application data is an honor.

Pixeebot and the Pixee CLI were built to help teams squash bugs, efficiently tackle their technical debt, and eliminate significant factors of burnout, such as developer toil and cognitive load. The AppSecOpps space is filled with tools that find issues; what developers need is automated fixing, and Pixee is here to provide that.

This year's awards will be presented at the DEVIES Awards Ceremony at DeveloperWeek 2024. It will be held on February 21, 2024, in the Oakland Convention Center in Oakland, California. If you're at the conference, make sure to swing by Principal Engineer Dan D'avella's talk 'Writing Python Codemods for Fun and Profit", where he'll explore the Python Codemodder framework.